Here’s how you can move the Sofa up or Down Stairs

Here’s how you can move the Sofa up or Down Stairs

man and van wandsworth

If you’ve ever relocated, you would know how difficult it is to move a sofa bed up or down stairs. Man and van Wandsworth experts encounter this problem more often. They teach us how easy it is to move a sofa bed up and down stairs. Here’s how you can make it work too:

Clear the passage: In order to move the sofa bed through a passage, you need to make sure that the path is clear of all the obstructions that can block way. Look for low ceiling and narrow corridors that can hinder the movement. You can make use of a measuring tape to measure the dimensions of the passage and compare it with the height and width of the sofa to plan accordingly.


Device a plan of action: Whoever will be giving you a hand in moving the giant sofa bed up/down stairs, should have a clear understanding with you about the technique you’ll be using to move the sofa. You both will need to ensure that your actions are synchronized to efficiently move the sofa.

man and a van wandsworth

Lighten the load, remove the bed and pillows: It’s easier to move your sofa bed upstairs if you can remove all the extra weight. Remove the mattress by extending the sofa to a full bed position. Untie the knots that attach the mattress to the sofa and move it out of the way. Once it is done fold the sofa back into the frame. Do not place any of the pillows and cushion until you move the sofa up/down stairs.

Tie the metal frames to prevent unnecessary movement: In order to prevent the sofa frame from unnecessary movement you can tie off the metal frame. For this you will need a rope that is long enough to wrap around the sofa frame.

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